These services are designed to take the building contractor through a natural progression of learning to understand the importance of accounting in construction and the vital role it plays in determining your company’s future direction.

Level 1

Basic Bookkeeping teaches you how to do the books for your own business. Remote Access instruction teaches all the basics your business needs and introduces job costing. The student is taught duel entry accounting, and how to read financial statements. This 10 hours of training is generally sufficient for smaller businesses; however, some might require more time at additional cost depending on the size of the business.

$800 for 10 hours
completed within 1 month

Level 2

Set up QuickBooks to compare Estimated Job Costs to Actual Job Costs using your specific language for bidding. Set up customized reports that show daily job costs going onto the job and accumulated job costs compared to the original estimate of that job. How to track and bill for change orders. Identify the actual overhead percentage to use for bidding, teach how to properly bill customers against the Estimate and how to mark-up jobs to recoup overhead and profit each month. This price is for setting up the system only.

$3200 one payment or $1750 two payments
completed within 1 month

Level 3

Includes all of level 2 services plus 20 hours of training. This gets into the heart of contracting. Teaching how to operate the system in an artful manner every month. Different strategies for recouping your overhead and profit that allow your bank account to grow.

$5000 one payment or 3 payments of $1800 for Setting up QB System to compare Estimated Job Costs to Actual Job Costs and 20 hours Training
completed with 6 weeks

Level 4

Includes all of level 2 & level 3 plus Yearly Budgeting. Teaches how to set up yearly budgeting that plugs into your overall business strategy. This budget works as the master plan that all jobs are bid by. We set up the income you want to achieve and then work backwards to figure out what you need to do to achieve that income. We want to set up realistic goals that can be achieved based on and working with the way we Estimate our jobs, so that the way we bid jobs, ties into accomplishing our overall plan for profits.

$8500 one payment or 3 payments of $3000
completed within 8 weeks

Level 5

Includes levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 Plus a yearly review to determine how the year turned out in relation to the budget. Has our overhead percentage changed, do we need to re-evaluate the overall business plan and if so what should we change it to.

$10,000 one payment or 3 payments of $3500
completed within 8 weeks

All this work is priced for the QuickBooks Desktop version. These prices are not for MAC users.

Let’s Get Your Quickbooks Back on Track!