“I had my doubts that this book would actually do what it says it would, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it did everything advertised and more. The author’s guarantee to help me if needed and Amazon’s return policy cinched the deal for me.

Buying QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple gave me the confidence and power I needed to complete my husband’s bookkeeping in just a short period of time. I knew I could do this work myself and I knew I could save a couple thousand dollars and I did it in just a couple of weeks!

Everything in the book is laid out very nicely. There are screen shots that show you each step, which I found very helpful. Not only was I able to do my contractor husband’s bookkeeping but I actually feel like I understood what I was doing with the accounting work and I didn’t need an accounting degree.

It was also very beneficial to know that if I had any questions about what I was doing I could contact the author by email. This was very important to me. I have never seen an offer like this before so it gave me added confidence that I would get my husband’s books completed. I actually did contact the author by email with a few questions and Mike did respond within a short period of time and gave me the answers I needed.

I would highly recommend this book to any contractor’s wife who has to learn cash basis accounting. The book has allowed me to do our own work, and save a couple thousand in accounting fees. I did not have to wait for my husband to round up all of his paperwork and receipts. I learned how to move forward on my own and now our year end taxes can be filed on time.

The other major benefit I can see from buying this book is that I now have a method of bookkeeping that I can use every year to keep up-to-date and never be late on my taxes again and my husband can see how the business is doing month to month.” —Denise B.

“I employed Mike Russell as my tax preparer from 2008 to 2011. During that time he caught up 5 years of back taxes (2002 through 2006). To do that he needed to reconstruct the QuickBooks files of 2 small businesses (this had been lost through a computer meltdown) and acquire pertinent state and federal tax records. He also amended the returns that had been filed in 2007 and 2008 and then kept my filings up to date. It was a great relief to finally get that all cleared up. Mike and his wife Eva were always pleasant to work with, and they responded promptly and professionally to all my requests and questions, phone calls and emails. I would definitely recommend their services for ongoing business bookkeeping and payroll management as well as personal and business tax preparations.” — Kathy Leone, Master Craftsman Electrical

“Mike and his team have done our corporate tax returns through the years, and they helped us set up job costing in QuickBooks . We are very pleased with the service and Mike’s professional consulting. I am pleased to be able to recommend him to other business persons interested in top quality tax return preparation and bookkeeping services.” –-John Sutter, General Manager

“After years of struggling with QuickBooks I asked Mike Russell to step in and set me up properly. Mike met with me beforehand to assess my needs. He then set up a custom system with categories unique to my business. At last, my income and expenditures finally makes sense to me. This helps my bottom line. I highly recommend Mike for anyone experiencing accounting system challenges. He truly is a wise owl and delightful to work with.” —Buffie Harris, designorbit.com

“Before we met Mike, we went through four different bookkeepers for our business. It was hard to find someone that explained everything so we could understand and was trustworthy. We have now been with Mike for over a year and wouldn’t trust anyone else. We highly recommend Mike Russell Bookkeeping.” –Michelle Wilson, owner of Ooh La Loft Clothing Boutique

“I have been bringing my whole year of bookkeeping in a box to Mike at the end of the year for the past 20 years. Now, with “QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple” I can easily do the work myself and save the couple of thousand I have always had to pay. You made this so easy and enjoyable that even an old tile contractor like myself had no problem working the practice sets!” –Steve Roll, Steve Roll Tile

“Hi Mike, I just finished your QuickBooks manual. Took me 4 hours 10 minutes. It was a great refresher, ( I had taken a QB’s 6 week course previously but that was over 10 years ago) and I did learn quite a bit of ‘new stuff’ as well. Thanks for suggesting it. Great explanations, simple to follow, a valuable tool to keep nearby as I do my year-ends for my small business!” — Linda Rieschel

“As a small general contractor, I have always waited until the end of the year to bring my bookkeeping in so Mike can process it and do my year-end taxes. This new book “QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple” is a real gem. Now I can do my own bookkeeping and save several thousand dollars in accounting fees that I would have normally paid. This book will help a lot of people in business during these tough economic times.” –Gerritt Drexhage, Drexhage Structures

“I have been bringing my bookkeeping work to Mike and Eva on a quarterly basis. “QuickBooks Made Fast and Simple” is so easy to use that I can now understand how my bookkeeping work comes together. This book just saved me a lot of money in bookkeeping fees and I’m sure it will for others.” –Nick Johnson, Innovative Systems

“Mike and Eva have been training me by remote access for the past couple of years in an elaborate accrual accounting system. Their ability to easily teach others how accounting works has helped me enormously. They have encouraged me to take accounting classes at the local junior college and as a result other businesses are now asking me to help them with their bookkeeping. This new book has taught me how to do the Cash Basis form of accounting. Now I can use it to help my friends business get caught up while making extra money on the side.” —Maria Medrano, Mi Familia Market

“Mike and I have been referring work back and forth to each other for around 20 years. Mike and Eva both do a great job teaching QuickBooks and accounting to a lot of people. I’m sure this new book will help a lot of businesses do their own bookkeeping while saving them significant money in accounting fees.” —Ken Doyle, Ken Doyle CPA’s

“Mike Russell has been such a delight to work with. He makes the entire taxpaying process so easy for me as a small business owner. He helped me find write-offs that I had overlooked and walked me through the entire process step by step.

I never have and never will use anyone else!” —Genevieve Yang – Jeweler

“My name is Carlos Diaz and I live in Santa Rosa, Ca. I have used Mike Russell for the last 12 years to prepare my taxes. I have found Mike to be very responsive and have always tried to make sure that I get the best results when filing my taxes. In two occasions, the IRS sent me letters that did not make sense to me. I took them to Mike. He resolved the issues and made is easy for me. I would definitely recommend Mike. He is good at what he does and has the experience.” —Carlos Diaz, Operations Manager, Servico Building Maintenance Co., Inc.

“We have used Mike Russell as our tax preparer for over ten years, and have been more than satisfied with his level of expertise and professionalism.

Mike has showed us an in depth knowledge in all aspects of our many businesses, from construction, to rentals, network marketing and childcare.” —Jim and Annette McElroy

“I really appreciated the very personal way that you do business, and felt comfortable working with you. We had worked with a different accountant for a number of years and I was nervous about the change, that it would be too hard to start over.

It wasn’t at all. In the end, you explained things to me more thoroughly than our last accountant did. I appreciated that you showed me a number of ways I could save money and pointed out some business expenses I was personally paying for. All in all, I’m glad we switched and that you’re doing our taxes and look forward to all I’m going to be learning from you this year.” —Amy Joy Smith, Nurse Practitioner

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